Everyone knows that writing your picture book is the hard part...right? You're slowly learning that isn't the case.

But did you know that HOW you release your book lays the foundation for your book's success?

The real problem is that you don't have the time to research marketing plans let alone build one.

You wish that there was a ready-to-implement marketing plan that you could pick up and roll with. One that would work with any season or book.

This course is just that! Bestselling children's book author Vicky Weber turned her own marketing plan into a step-by-step framework that ANYONE can implement!

In addition to a marketing plan walkthrough, this course also includes our step-by-step tutorials for building launch teams and creating AMS ads.

The best part? Enrolling grants you LIFETIME access to the course content! You'll be able to revisit the content as frequently as you need and work at your speed on your schedule! What could be more convenient?

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Meet the Teacher

As an elementary school teacher and best selling author, I’ve been successfully coaching clients all around the world at various stages in their author journey. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, my services aim to prepare you to make the best decisions for yourself and set you up for success.

-Vicky Weber